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4 Secrets of Successful Food Trucks

The recent increase in food truck businesses makes it important for owners to know how they can find success. These 4 secrets of successful food trucks will help you focus on what really matters when building your business.

1. Know Food Truck Parking Laws in Your Area

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A good location gives you access to a lot of people hungry for quick meals. Choosing a downtown area or business park usually does the trick.

Know, however, that you could need a permit to park your truck on the street. If you want to park in a private lot, then you will need permission from the property owner.

Some areas have special rules that you should know before starting your business. For instance:

Breaking the rules will only make it harder for you to serve your customers. Know the laws in your area so you can find a great spot without getting in trouble.

2. Prepare for the Slow Season

Unless you work in a city that has warm, sunny days throughout the year, your food truck will see a dip in business as fall turns into winter.

You need to prepare for the slow season if you hope to stay alive until spring brings people back to your truck.

Having a full year’s capital should help you afford ingredients, fuel, and other expenses during lulls. Ideally, you will have enough capital to get you through the calendar year. Less money than that could mean that you never let your business reach its full potential.

You might also consider relocating to an area with warmer weather during slow months. That way, you can extend your business’s reach even further and eventually station trucks in cities around the country.

3. Use Social Media to Reach Potential Customers

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Having a mobile restaurant means that you can always choose locations that put your food in high demand. Unfortunately, your mobility also means that customers don’t always know where you’re parked.

Social media solves that problem. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to keep your regulars informed. You can also use the Truckily app to stay connected with customers no matter where you plan to park on any given day.

4. Find a Niche

Without good food, your truck won’t find success. Today’s food trucks offer more than burgers and hot dogs. You will need a unique product that attracts a large audience.

That means choosing recipes that people in your area will love, but also avoiding the types of foods currently offered by other trucks. No one needs five bison burger trucks on the same street.

Once you find an angle that sets you apart, market yourself and your product so that people know what to expect. The more you show off your food, the more people will crave it.

A mobile concession trailer from Russell Concession & Mobile Kitchens, is your first step to success. What secrets do you believe will help you find success in the food truck business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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