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5 Food Truck Business Ideas Based on Foodie Trends

Thinking of entering the food truck business, but want to stand out from the crowd? Foods, like clothing, go in and out of style through the seasons and years. Emerging foodie trends spell opportunity for the food truck business, putting the foods in high demand within reach of the busy workforce during lunch hours and after a long day at the office.

Creating a new niche is a sure way to get people talking about your business. The more people talk, the more traffic you’ll see —and the more profit you’ll make. Here are a few unique food truck ideas based on current foodie trends.

1. Food Trend: Everything Bacon; Food Truck: We Got Bacon

bacon sizzling

It’s no secret that many Americans are hardcore bacon lovers. This food truck features a full line of bacon-lovers’ delights, ranging from the classic BLT for lunch or a light dinner, followed by a juicy strip of chocolate-covered bacon for dessert. Go full-service and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, ensuring that each item on your menu includes bacon.

2. Food Trend: Wild Ingredients; Food Truck: Bite of the Wild Side

When most people think food trucks, they think of hot dogs, cheese steaks, and pizza. For exotic dishes, consumers typically head to high-end restaurants. A food truck offering up delectable delights like duck and game birds carves out a niche among consumers with exotic tastes. It’s not every day you come across a food truck selling venison burgers at lunch time.

3. Food Trend: Exotic Fruits and Vegetables; Food Truck: Exotic Eats


Image via Flickr by _e.t

For those preferring a lighter lunch menu, a food truck offering exotic fruits and vegetables provides both the lighter fare they prefer and a taste of gourmet. Star fruit, goatsbeard, dragonfruit, and paw-paw are all exotic options with intriguing names that attract attention.

4. Food Trend: Organic Ingredients; Food Truck: Lunch au Naturel

More Americans are going healthy and even vegan, opting for foods that are natural and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Food trucks aren’t necessarily known for carrying healthy eats, so this idea ventures into open territory by providing options for lunch-on-the-run health-food lovers.

5. Food Trend: Heirloom Vegetables; Food Truck: Veg on Main

This food trend speaks to the increased use of heirloom vegetables as the center of a dish instead of cuts of meat. Replacing a traditional cut of meat, such as beef or pork, with an heirloom vegetable like zucchini or eggplant, creates and interesting and delicious twist. A food truck specializing in vegetable-focused dishes taps into the market of people looking for something a little different — as well as those who avoid eating meats.

The food truck industry is growing rapidly, indicating a prime opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the concession business. Research estimates that the food truck industry will reach eight million vendors by the year 2016. Whether taking a walk on the wild side is your style or you just want to carve out a niche in an untapped market, these food truck ideas are sure to bring profits your way. Base your offerings on the current trends in your region for the best success.



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