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5 Weirdest Food Trucks

As you’re driving around town, you’re going to see food trucks selling all sorts of delicious meals. Some of these are stranger than others. From funny names to unique food, not all food trucks are made the same.

1. The Randy Radish


Image via Flickr by D. Laird

Ok, so radishes are an underappreciated vegetable in the United States. However, the Randy Radish is working to change this. Not only do they sell a variety of radish-based food, they also have a fun slogan – “Bringing sexy back one veggie at a time!” This Washington DC area food truck is the first in the area that is completely vegan. From baked goods to delicious sandwiches, everything on the menu is meat-free, and many items are also gluten-free.

2. The Grillenium Falcon

Are you a Star Wars fan? This food truck is sure to tickle your fancy. The truck features a number of sandwiches with movie-themed names. Keeping with the Star Wars theme there is a Cheebacca sandwich, which offers white cheddar, pulled pork, bacon, garlic cilantro sauce, and a house cheese. However, other movies are featured as well, with the Jack to the Future sandwich as well as East of Edam. Along with the fun foods and punny names, the van features awesome 70’s style art on the side.

3. Eire Trea

vegie alecha

Image via Flickr by Gary Stevens

It’s not uncommon for food trucks to mix different cuisines. There are trucks that combine Mexican and BBQ or even stranger combinations. However, one of the strangest out there is Eire Trea, which combines Irish and Eritrean food. The founders of the trucks were born and raised in these two countries, and decided to bring the delicacies of each together.  If you’re in the mood for fries, you’ll be able to choose from Curry Chips, from the Eritrean cuisine or Bangers and Chips.

4. Maximus Minimus

What do you get when you combine a pig, steel plating, and a food truck? You get Maximus Minimus. This food truck looks like a steel-plated pig, and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The Seattle-based food truck features pulled pork and veggie sandwiches, as well as a number of sides. The food will warm your belly, and the truck will ignite your imagination.

5. Fugu Truck

If you’re looking for authentic Asian food in Boston, look no further than the street corner. The Fugu Truck has everything you could want or need for your Asian-themed meal. The brightly painted truck, which features a blowfish offers cuisine such as Kimchee pancakes, beef bulgogi tacos, and gentle poached spot prawns. The variety of food is offered from the truck, or straight to your door.

There are so many different types of food interests out there that it isn’t a surprise that there are many different types of trucks, as well. Mobile kitchens and food trucks from Russell Concession & Mobile Kitchens, Inc come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing all types of looks.When you’re looking for something new and interesting to try, check out the food trucks in your area, not just the brick and mortar restaurants.


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