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6 Apps to Put Your Food Truck on the Map

6 Apps to Put Your Food Truck on the Map

There’s an app for everything these days, from restaurant reviews to daily shopping deals and even food truck locators. As a food concession vendor, exposure on these apps is beneficial for driving traffic to your stand. In addition to dozens of city-based applications, there are multiple U.S. and Canada-based apps covering larger areas for users to find food trucks no matter where they’re traveling. Here are a few of the most popular food truck apps to put your food truck on the map.

1. Food Truck Follower

Food Truck Follower App

Image via Google.com

Food Truck Follower is a constantly growing Android app, with thousands of food trucks listed in dozens of cities. Simply email a request to food.truck.follower@gmail.com and get your truck listed. The developers say they’ve added every request received to date, so inclusion is a pretty safe bet. The app uses aggregated Twitter feeds, so it’s a handy marketing tool if you’re active on Twitter.

2. Food Truck 1


Food truck one

Image via Google.com

Also based on Tweets, Food Truck 1 lists thousands of food trucks in cities across the U.S. and Canada. It’s a free app for Android devices. Users locate trucks in their area by city or truck name and save their favorites to a personal folder. Location-sharing is another feature of this app—users can quickly find their friends and meet up at their favorite food trucks. Email sleepypandalabs@gmail.com for add and feature requests, bugs, and critiques.

3. Roaming Hunger Food Truck Finder

Image via Apple.com

Roaming hunger includes food truck listings in more than 34 cities in the U.S. It’s an iPhone app featuring Twitter feeds, interactive maps, and even advertising opportunities for vendors. Users can book a food truck for an event, and adding a truck is as simple as clicking “Add a New Vendor to the Site” in the page footer. Adding your food truck does require creating an account.

4. Eat St.

eat st

Image via Google.com

Eat St. is a food truck-locator app covering both the U.S. and Canada. Created by Invoke Media, this iOS and Android app covers all of North America. Food trucks earn a listing based on recommendations from food concession aficionados. The app features menus, interactive maps and location search. The Eat St. is an app affiliated with the Food Network show by the same name. Click the “Add a Cart” button and get your truck listed on this popular app.

5. TruxMap Lite

truxmap lite food

Image via Apple.com 

TruxMap Lite is a location-based food truck-finder for both iOS and Android devices. This one costs users 99 cents to download, but shows whether trucks are currently open or opening soon using a color-coding system. Users access trucks’ Twitter feeds by clicking a location on the map. Currently, TruxMap covers 21 cities with more to come. Vendors get added by requesting a listing through the TruxMap website.

6. TV Food Maps Shows Trucks Eats

tv food maps shows

Image via Google.com

Based on the variety of foodie-focused shows on major television networks, the TV Food Maps Shows Trucks Eats app helps foodies find their coveted restaurants, dives, and food trucks — more than 2,700 in all — featured on popular foodie shows. Getting listed here is a bit harder if you haven’t been featured on TV, but it’s worth a shot to get a spot on “Man v. Food,” “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” or your other favorite eating-focused entertainment shows. Email auroraappdesign@gmail.com for info on inclusion.

In addition to these apps, food truck owners should obtain listings on local food truck apps. There are dozens of city-focused applications helping hungry consumers find their favorite food trucks in major cities across the U.S.


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