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6 Safety Tips for Your Food Truck Staff

When you’re running a food truck or mobile kitchen from Russell Concession & Mobile Kitchens, Inc, it’s extremely important that you make sure your staff is safe. Not only do you have to have safety equipment on hand, you need to ensure that your staff knows and understands a number of safety measures and any safety equipment that comes with your mobile kitchen. This will prevent injury in the food truck.

Prevent Burns


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One of the most common injuries in a food truck is burns. However, there are a number of ways that you can help prevent burn injuries.

1. Keep an Eye on Clothing. Many burns happen because clothing catches on fire. You need to make sure that your employees are wearing cooking-appropriate clothing. It should not be too loose, as loose clothing can trail into fiery or greasy areas. In addition, porous fabrics can be detrimental, since they will absorb liquids that get spilled.

2. Be Careful With Grease. Hot oil or grease that is left unattended can cause a grease fire. Make sure that your employees are always keeping an eye on these. In addition, having a splash guard on fryers and other places where hot liquids are used can help cut down on burns. Ensure that employees are trained on how to use the fryers properly, so that they aren’t splashing grease, causing burns.

Avoid Cuts and Punctures


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In addition to burns, those who work on a food truck need to be wary of cuts and puncture wounds. There are several ways to avoid getting cuts.

3. Keep knives sharp. While it may seem counterproductive at first, it’s important to remember that dull knives are more likely to cause severe cuts. This is because more pressure is needed with these tools than with knives that are sufficiently edged.

4. Cut Only on Flat Surfaces. When cutting up anything, it’s important to remember that you need to cut on flat surfaces. This will keep you from slipping with the knife and getting cut. Both the area that the employee is standing and the surface they are cutting on need to be flat and sturdy.

Prevent Slips

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Another possible injury when working in a food truck is slips and falls.

5. Use nonslip matting. One of the easiest ways to prevent falls is to cover the floors with nonslip materials. This helps keep employees safe from slick floors when cooking. There are many different types of nonslip material that you can use.

6. Clean up Spills. Train your employees to immediately clean up spills that happen in the food truck. From oil spills to water on the floor, any type of spill can lead to a fall. Make sure that there are sufficient rags available to clean up these issues.

Keeping your employees safe is important. Make sure that they are trained in proper food safety as well as understand the basics of how to avoid injury. In addition, when you provide safety equipment and proper cooking utensils, you will help ensure the safety of yourself and your employees.



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