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Trick or Treat Your Food Truck

Are you getting your food truck ready for Halloween? There are so many simple things you can do to create a fun, spooky atmosphere both in the truck and when you’re catering. With a mobile kitchen or food truck from Russell Concession & Mobile Kitchens, Inc there are a number of ways you can get ready for the holiday.

Decorations on the Truck


Image via Flickr by Steven Depolo

One of the easiest things you can do is decorate the truck with some basic Halloween decorations. Putting spider webs in the corners of the windows, fake spiders on the menu, and a skeleton in the truck are simple and easy ways to bring about the fun of Halloween. These types of decorations can be purchased at most department stores or Halloween themed shops.

In addition to basic decorations, you may want to go with a little more. You can use Halloween-themed plates, napkins, and cups. If you park in one spot most of the day, you can also decorate around your truck, such as movement-activated ghouls and zombies.

Change up the Menu

Another way to get into the holiday spirit is to change your menu a little bit. Think of different fun names you can use for items you already sell. Instead of blueberry muffins, change your menu to boo-berry muffins. This is a simple, yet effective way to get into the Halloween fun. When you change the menu, remember that regular customers may get a little confused or order what they normally do.

In addition to changing the names of things on your menu, you can also simply add new items that are Halloween-themed. This is especially effective when you are catering an event. It gives a personal touch, as well as a Halloween feel to the entire event. Having a Halloween-themed entrée or dessert dresses up your event and helps people remember your food truck in the future for other events. They’ll appreciate the added effort you put into your menu for the event.

Dress Up

While you’re dressing up your menu and your truck, make sure not to forget yourself and your employees. It’s always fun to dress up, and people are more likely to get into the spirit of the fun when they’re in costume. There are some things you need to keep in mind with costumes, however.

  • Ensure the costumes aren’t too loose for those who are cooking.
  • Costumes should be safe and flame-resistant.
  • Costumes should be tasteful and fit within your clothing policy, unless otherwise specified.

Remember, you don’t have to only dress up on Halloween. If you’re catering an event, make sure that you get in costume for the event. In addition, even driving around town, you can stay in costume for as long as you want. The days leading up to Halloween, you will see more and more customers in costume, as well.

Getting ready for any holiday can take a little bit of work. Once the changes are made and the work is put in, your customers will appreciate the effort you put in. In fact, your extra effort may bring about more customers, as people start noticing the work you put into making your food truck different.


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