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Why Social Media Marketing is Different for Food Trucks

With countless businesses using social media today, with over 15 million on Facebook alone, it’s an important tool in advertising that can help you connect with your customers and rise above your competition. However, a food truck’s social media profile is a bit different from a regular small business’s page. Check out these ways that social media marketing is different for food trucks.

Location, Location, Location

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Image via Flickr by Bob B. Brown

No normal restaurant has to update their followers about where they are since their location never changes, but concession trailers have to move frequently. City regulations dictate how long you can park in one spot, and these regulations could limit you to just 30 minutes or less, such as in parts of Nevada.

With this said, it makes sense that you’d want to update customers on your current whereabouts, and social media allows you to accomplish this. By getting in the habit of posting where you are and at what time, it gives you the chance to attract returning customers.


With the success that social media has on bringing in customers, it makes a wonderful opportunity to partner with other businesses in your area. For example, you might team up with a non-competitive store, such as a clothing store, and ask to park outside of their shop.

Ultimately, the clothing store receives shout outs on social media when you announce where you’re located, which is good for their online reputation. Plus, you’ll each be sharing your customers, helping you both increase your business revenue.

On-The-Go Storytelling

The great thing about food trucks is that their ongoing stories are much more interesting than those of a restaurant that’s not mobile. When trying have fun with your audience and market yourself with an exciting side, it’s easier to accomplish this when you’re constantly traveling. Check out these ideas that makes telling the story of a food truck more interesting:

  1. Post photos of exciting locations; since you’re frequently moving to a new location, no two pictures will look alike, and customers can have fun following you along your journey.
  2. Update your social media account when something out of the ordinary happens, and try to make people laugh about it. For example, one food truck driver updates her followers with posts and photos when she encounters a flat tire. No other restaurant can update their followers with things like that!
  3. Don’t be afraid to get personal. If it’s just you and a friend running a business out of the truck together, update your fans on what you’re up to when you’re not at work. Bigger businesses don’t have this luxury, but you do.

No matter where your travels take you, whether you stay in one neighborhood frequently or you travel to different towns with your concession trailer, utilizing social media tools is a must for any business owner, including yourself, and since social media is different for food trucks, it makes updating even more fun. In what other ways is the food truck business is different from other types of businesses? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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